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Choosing Happiness

Life is wonderful but it isn’t always smooth sailing. Sometimes we have challenges that come up which require us to renew our commitment to focusing on the positive aspects in our lives, in order to stay strong and resilient in the face of any uncertainty.

When things get tough, it’s all too easy to start to slide into negative thinking and to focus on the drama or negativity. But as stated in I AM Magic – ‘what we focus on we expand’. Have you ever noticed that whatever you are thinking about you bring into your reality? It’s that energy boomerang we have discussed before, that goes out like a pinball, bumping into things on the way, bouncing off here and there, but always ultimately circling back around to the source. In other words, what you put out, you get back. For instance, you might be thinking how you like red cars and all of a sudden you start seeing red cars everywhere. You might find a coin or two in the space of a few days and you start thinking to yourself that you seem to keep finding money. What happens? All of a sudden money keeps showing up – an old $20 you forgot about in a coat pocket, receiving a refund you didn’t expect. But it works all ways because thoughts (and feelings) are energy. And when you are worried and fearful, that energy also goes out and brings more back to you. You sleep in one morning, get up and stub your toe, focus on how annoying that is, suddenly other things start going wrong, you spill your coffee, drop the keys…and before you know it, you’re in a bad mood, negative mindset attracting more and more of the same. It is important to nip that first negative thought in the bud and change it to a neutral - or even better, a positive - one. Don’t let that first thought run away on itself.

The same applies to the news. Try not to spend your day watching the doom and gloom, or scrolling through negative social news feeds. Stay abreast of what is happening but don’t stay ‘in’ it as you will only get sucked down. Sometimes we might feel powerless at everything that’s going on in the world, as if we have no choices or control, but we always do. We are in control of our minds and what we think, and we are in control of how we react. We can choose to focus on the positive things we are grateful for and we can choose to be kind and to do whatever we can for others and for the planet, even if it’s only in the smallest of ways. When we are doing good we can’t help but feel good. Those positive things you do go out and create a ripple effect in the world.

We are all connected and so is our collective energy. If our own thoughts have such power over our lives, imagine what billions of people thinking fearfully and negatively can do to the planet, or conversely, imagine what billions of people thinking and acting positively can do. It is now more important than ever for all of us to focus on the powerful, restorative energy of love, health and happiness, rather than anger, sickness and fear. Choose to look for the good in life. It’s all around us, there is so much to be thankful for. Make a list of all the good things you can think of right now, and find more and more each day to be happy about. Keep adding to your list. The more of us who do this, individually and collectively, the more we will bring about positive, healing change to the world.


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